Monday, 4 June 2012

How to remove Trending Videos from your facebook newsfeed

After Trending Articles, facebook has started pushing videos into users' newsfeeds, calling these forced fed videos 'Trending Videos' (what else?). Basically, trending videos are those videos which are watched by one of your 'friends' on facebook using one of the countless video apps on facebook.

The logic behind this being that you would be interested in watching what your friends are watching.  Again, as I wrote earlier, It makes some sense in theory, but unfortunately very little in the real world.  Unless you really want to watch Bieber crying 'baby, baby' in a video watched by one of the beliebers in your friend list. Or watch a pseudo-romantic scene from the Twilight.

Nevertheless, just like the Trending Articles, it's quite easy to boot out the 'Trending Videos' from your news feed if you don't want them there.  The way to get them off your newsfeed is the same as for Trending Articles, so I'll skip the details and let the images do the talking. If you want to read how you do it, you can find it out here.

And this is how you remove it:

What do you think about the new Trending Videos feature? Drop your comments below:

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